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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Just returned home after a lovely evening in SoHo.  Dined at Nolita House, gingerbread latte'd at the newly-opened Little Cupcake Bakeshop, and filmed at the Angelika Film Center.

Little Cupcake Bakeshop

Blue Valentine was amazing.  Definitely my favorite film of the past couple of years, at least.  It was as perfect a film as I think a film can be ... the acting was amazing (did we expect any less?), the editing was perfect, the story was simple, the ending was good.  It was subtle and in-your-face all at once, and very, very true.  And in my world, that is perfect.

I highly recommend it, but be sure to bring tissues if you're a crier like I am.

As soon as the film ended, this conversation ensued between my friend and me:

Me: Do you have any tissues?
Friend: Did you cry?
Me: I started crying ten minutes in, in like the third scene.
Friend: You were quiet!
Me: I can't breathe; I've been holding all this snot in.


Without giving too much away, I thought Ryan Gosling's character was rather similar to his character in The Notebook -- "for me for him" (to quote Randy Jackson), his character Dean was a grown-up/adult version of Noah Calhoun.  Michelle William's character Cindy was given more to work with, but both did an outstanding job of bringing their characters to life.

A very good night indeed.

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