Hello, 2011!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

I love January, the freshness of the month, the hope. I feel 2011, especially, holds much potential for me and I am more than ready to see what it has to offer.

Like this time last year, I am trying to live in the present. And not only accepting my quirks, but not being ashamed of them. Even if that means crushing outright on a 16-year-old pop star. (Don't worry, it's not Justin Bieber. Anymore.)

And in my years on earth, I have learned that it is mostly fruitless to set resolutions ... it is more useful to set concrete tasks or challenges that can be measured and met.

Here are mine for 2011:

- stop waiting for people
- spend less time shopping/window-shopping
- read the Harry Potter books (I have never done this, and apparently neither has Bee!)
- begin learning Spanish (I was a "French girl")

And, of course, eat less processed food, but I'm not naive enough to commit to that one!

I am ready to tackle these. I have a copy of every single Harry Potter novel in my possession and I have dug out the copy of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" my friend David bought me for Christmas one year.

Here we go!

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