Lazy Sunday

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Very ineloquently, here was my day:

Woke up early to meet friends in Hell's Kitchen for brunch, nearly missed my stop on the train because I was so engrossed in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (there's your update). Walked in the mind-numbing cold, enjoying every last drop of the serenity of New York City early on Sunday morning, to 9th avenue.

Brunched at Eatery (53rd and 9th) with two pals -- split the Belgian chocolate pancakes (okay), the frittata of the day (not bad), the cornflake-encrusted French toast (yum), the potato cake (okay), the roast potatoes (not bad) and the jalapeno-cheese grits (delicious). Thought I was going to be sick at the table, I was so stuffed.

Care for a carrot?

Waited at Port Authority for our friend's bus, killing time at Casa Java with a surprisingly good cup of coffee and our version of Say What Karaoke, featuring Usher circa 1997! (You Make Me Wanna, oo-er.)

Crawled home and straight into bed next to my mom in the mid-afternoon sunshine and had the most wonderful sleep, woken up intermittently by one Harry Styles.

Got up in time to make a creamy goat cheese pasta concoction and am now anxiously awaiting the start of the well-reviewed Downton Abbey.

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