Rubik's mania

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I have kept myself plenty occupied these past few days with something small and somewhat unusual ... I have added yet another challenge to my list, and that is to complete the Rubik's cube in 2011.

As a child, we had a well-built Rubik's cube lying around and I would occasionally prod and poke at it, and a couple of times in my pre-teens, I actually attempted to solve it.  I remember growing to hate the useless block of plastic and thinking it was a big joke and was ultimately unsolvable -- not just by me, but by all.  I very nearly removed and replaced the stickers before thinking my time could have been better spent.

Fast forward some years, to this video (you might want to mute your computer):

It's Justin Bieber completing a Rubik's cube, and it's not the only video of it that exists.  At last count, he completed it in just under 90 seconds.

In December, I visited my beloved Target hoping to purchase a new cube of my own to work on, but I passed it up when I saw that it was $12.  After fooling around with an online version, I felt the 3D version would serve me best, so I went back to Target and picked up a cube this weekend.  And haven't stopped playing.

Last night

Clearly it's been more than 90 seconds, but I am determined to try to solve it at first without looking at the solution guide.  On the first day, I played with it for 7 to 8 hours.  Today, another 3 or 4.  I felt pretty close to the solution today before messing myself up.  Like with sudoku, I seem to have trouble seeing the bigger picture, focusing instead on matching the colors up best as I can as I go along.

This evening

It's freaking addictive, though.  My fingers are sore.

And what better night to stay inside and be a nerd than one where the great outdoors looks like this?

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