A song that makes you sad

Monday, January 31, 2011

Before I delve back into the 30-day challenge, I wanted to share some photos from the past couple of weeks.

One of them massive bowls of flavored coffee from IHOP ... raspberry mocha or something.

This may look disgusting, but it's my favorite item at the IKEA restaurant: GRAVLAX!!!

Just another weekend after another winter storm ...

Now, a song that makes me sad.

"Butterfly Kisses", Bob Carlisle
This song came out when I was quite young, but even then I cried every time I heard it.  I try not to listen to it at all these days.

"Christmas Shoes" by New Song has a similar effect on me, though not as potent.

Other songs that make me really sad:
"Time", Chantal Kreviazuk
"Champagne Supernova", Oasis
and pretty much every song I listened to in the first half of 2007

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