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Thursday, February 10, 2011

So the reason I wasn't able to check in for my 30-day song challenge last night was because my Macbook adapter finally bit the dust and I wasn't getting any sort of charge from it.  I've had this particular laptop since February 17, 2007.  I remember this night very clearly, particularly because it was a time of great tectonic shifts in my life and my life changed dramatically only days later.

Well anyway, I've always viewed my computers with some amount of superstition ... I guess that would date back to my first laptop, which I received in April 2003.  I was hoping it'd last the 4 years of the typical laptop life, but it conked out on me just short of the 4-year mark in February of 2007.  I'd had a rough and mostly hateful relationship to that laptop (its name "Bastardini" was appropriate), so I wasn't exactly sad to see it go, but I'd definitely been hoping it'd hold out for a while longer.

Enter my current laptop, a white Macbook 2,1 affectionately named "Poppy".  Yesterday, it was 9 days away from its fourth birthday, and its adapter gave out.  I was hugely disappointed.  I should be thankful that it and the laptop have lasted as long as they have, but really?  9 days???

So I schlepped to the Apple store today to buy a replacement adapter ($85 after taxes!!!), which looks completely foreign to the one which came with my laptop -- oh, how things have changed.  In any case, after attaining the adapter, I spent a little time walking around the mall, hitting up the usuals.  (And I discovered that Accessorize has made it stateside!  Though they are virtually charging you the pound equivalent of everything, which means it's expensive for what it is.)

Anthropologie (at least the one near me) has an incredible window display right now.  I'm always impressed by the thought and creativity that goes into the displays, but the ones up right now may just take the cake.  I wish I had visuals, but I don't -- in one window was a dress made completely from fabric butterflies in varying shades of orange and yellow, strung together and cascading down a dress form and up against the window and wall.  It basically looked like the scene in Cinderella when the little bluebirds sewed a dress onto Cinderella, except there were no birds, just fabric butterflies suspended mid-air.  In another window was an even more raw version of a yellow-orange-cream dress, made from rolls of solid-colored fabric around a dress form, with the ends of the rolls at various lengths close to the floor.  Very imaginative.

I passed H&M and wasn't going to enter, but the display was pretty inviting, so I stepped foot in the store.  I was immediately assaulted by a slew of items I would like very much (like the entire spring collection).  :(.  These are the dangers of window shopping.  Some of these items are featured on the H&M website:

I just love spring and summer clothes (as I love fall and winter clothes, I suppose).  They're always so bright and cheery, light and a breath of fresh air after a long and dreary winter.  I'm probably going to have to go back for the skirt and a couple of items that aren't being featured on the website soon.  Once I can justify spending more money after the somewhat unnecessary $85.

I picked up a few basic t-shirts and fortunately spotted this clutch/evening bag in the accessories section. I'd wanted it when it was still being sold at full-price, but could not justify spending $18 on a bag that I would use next-to-never.  But there were a bunch left, all marked down to $5 and I couldn't justify not spending $5 on a bag that I could figure out a way to use.

And then I came home and was completely spent running "errands" at the mall, so I watched Ellen and I found myself smiling while watching this:

Bieber Fever will continue to spread until the world has been overcome.

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