My new rain boots

Monday, February 07, 2011

I wore my new rain boots out on Saturday.  I am very happy with them.  (And I am not being paid by anyone to say any of the following things about any of the shoes mentioned.  Though I would not oppose some sort of compensation ... wink wink.)

The much-needed insulation

I didn't own rain boots until last year or the year before.  I'd always worn sneakers, or these heeled suede boots I bought in 2004 after seeing a similar pair on Kirsten Dunst and liking them a lot.  I finally caved and bought a pair of fish-covered rain boots from Target and wore them about 4 times before purchasing the babies above (Tretorn Skerry Vinter).  My Target rain boots are not pleasant to wear, particularly not in sub-freezing temperatures.  Toes were nearly lost the last time I tried waiting for the bus in the snow.

I do also own two pairs of Uggs, and since I bought my first pair in 2007, I'd been wearing them in snow.  Of course they just couldn't cut it this torrential winter in New York City ... they are rimmed with this cloth-cardboard trim which is completely (and immediately) permeable when put in contact with snow, slushy or firm.  In fact, the last time I submerged my Uggs in snow was sometime last week and the shearling at the tip of the toes has still not recovered (dried).

Well, here's what I think of the Tretorn Skerry Vinters, since someone out there must be wondering if they are worth it ... The faux fur is nearly as warm as the real "fur" Uggs.  The Tretorns, however, have a much narrower calf (I bought the taller ones.  I read that the shorter ones are wider) and barely fit my skinny jeans-plus-tights combo, and I've never had a problem fitting my calves in anything.  So if you've got athletic or anything-beyond-average calves, please look elsewhere.

They are indeed a very happy medium between Uggs and rain boots, but my biggest gripe with them is that they don't have as much traction as either the Uggs or my Target rain boots.  The Tretorn Skerry Vinters have a sneaker-like sole ... and when I say sneaker, I mean Keds-like sneakers.  They appear to be gum-based and feel like a sneaker, even when running in them ... which you can do, and easily.  In fact, they are the warmest and most comfortable rain boots I have ever known (full disclaimer: I've only known two pairs).  But you still have to watch your step a little when it comes to slippery sidewalks and black ice -- something I rarely ever did in my Uggs.

Here is a bullet-point rundown:

+ They are much, much warmer than regular rain boots. You don't need to worry about frostbite.
+ They are extremely easy to walk and run in and feel pretty close to a flat sneaker.
+ They are completely waterproof ... so far.
+ They are warm and fuzzy on the inside.
- They are a little narrow for pull-on boots.
- They lack the traction that regular rain boots and Uggs have.

Overall, the benefits outweigh the negatives and I am very happy with them.  So now you know (Mike's Super Short Show)!

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