A song from a band you hate

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It took me a while to think of a band I hated.  Of course, as a Backstreet Boys fan, the catty teenager in me thought immediately of 'N Sync, but how could I truly hate a "band" whose music was nearly identical to that of the band I loved?

I thought a while longer and remembered that I have grown increasingly annoyed by the band Maroon 5 over the years.  I blame Adam Levine for the poor image I have of the band.  It's not his fault that I hate his high-pitched voice, but I do blame him for the image he portrays of himself, standing distinctly apart from the rest of his bandmates, as the one GQ guy while the rest blend into the background as if they'd only recently been plucked from a garage band rehearsal.  And he comes across all the worse (in my opinion) for it.  I liked their earlier "Songs About Jane" stuff well enough (I still enjoy "Sunday Morning"), but since then, all of their music has seemed like one big mass of droney, similar music.

To that end, I'm not sure I can choose one particular song that I dislike more than others.  I can hardly tell the difference between their latest hits.

I have randomly chosen a song from their roster of songs since 2007.
"Won't Go Home Without You", Maroon 5

But "Misery" irks my ears just as much:

But going back to 'N Sync, my least favorite song would probably have to be "Gone".  Too much of Justin Timberlake crooning in my ear is just ... too much.

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