A song that makes you fall asleep

Sunday, February 06, 2011

I don't know what other people are like, but I can't listen to a variety of music if I want to sleep. This means I usually am listening to some sort of easy listening/folk music off my iPod if I want to sleep, or if I'm extra tired, the local hits station (the same ten songs on repeat).

There are only a handful of songs that put me in the mood for sleep, probably more but I wouldn't know because I am usually asleep :).  Here are some ...

"Long Way", Antje Duvekot

I wish I could find a YouTube video of the studio recording of the song, because the studio version is much more haunting. I do have a wimpy video on YouTube featuring the studio version of the song, but it narrates some footage that is completely irrelevant. So here we are.

I discovered this song during an intense time of, for lack of a better phrase, trying to find myself. I also happened to be traveling by car halfway across the country, so this song was very fitting. It's one of my favorite songs of all-time. Its one flaw, which may be the reason it's a song that puts me in the mood for sleep, is that it's too long. But with 50 states and so many different landscapes, I don't blame her!

Other songs:

- Pretty much any Alison Krauss song will do the trick.
My favorite is "Killing the Blues", with Robert Plant

- the "Come Around Sundown" album by Kings of Leon

- anything by Sufjan Stevens

And a quick bit on Skins U.S. ... I've not been able to keep myself from following the show through the third episode because I've been so curious about how they will butcher the original.  I'm still waiting for them to deviate from the original episodes, but I have noticed a few things.  First, the acting is without a doubt atrocious on most counts.  The only embers of true hope I have for the acting ability of this cast I saw in the boy who plays Chris (Jesse Carere).  He played Chris in a way that brought something new to the "Chris" character, glints of emotions and thoughts that maybe Joe Dempsie did not put in his Chris.  Not to mention that he is one of the few actors who is better looking than his or her UK counterpart.

I'm not ruling out anything for Daisy or Michelle's characters yet, since we have not seen much of them. The girl who plays Tea, Sofia Black D'elia, had some minor shining moments in the episode devoted to her, but those were outweighed by clunky, stilted acting in parts.  Tea does come across as immensely charismatic, though, so maybe D'elia's not doing too terrible a job.  She, like Jesse Carere, is way more attractive than her UK counterpart ... which, in this case, would pit her against a blond haired, blue-eyed guy.  Perhaps the comparison is invalid.

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