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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Song For You!  (Which is a great song on its own.)

This is probably the hardest one to answer, simply because every song that sticks with me sticks with me because it reminds me of a time, place or person.

The way my head works is that time slows down when I meet someone who really matters, and I either overanalyze everything that happens through writing or I find songs that capture each emotion.

I guess the person I have spent the most time thinking about in the past five years would work well here: someone I met at school and really hit it off with, but time ran out before anything really developed.

"Almost Lover", A Fine Frenzy

Other songs for other moments in the relationship:

"Back in June", Matt Wertz

"Not Enough Time", INXS
"Everybody Here Wants You" and "Last Goodbye", Jeff Buckley
"Say It Right" and "Do It", Nelly Furtado
Oh, and a million others, just ask.

And since it's (or was, in England) Harry Styles' birthday today and I think he's lovely, here is a song that seems apt which also reminds me of him:

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