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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Again, another toughie.  Also, are we distinguishing between songs that remind us of a place, or songs that conjure up a feeling of a place?  Is there really a difference?  (I think so.)

Real Places
"If I Ever Feel Better", Phoenix reminds me of Austin, Texas, where I first heard it while driving in the middle of a June night.  A perfect summer night song, really, made even more perfect by the fact that I was mulling internally over an almost-heartbreak (caused by my "Almost Lover").  I felt as if no one could tell how broken up I was on the inside, and I couldn't really release all the anguish, since it'd been a love that'd ... never been.  I'd been struggling to leave it all behind and have a fresh start ... all sentiments mentioned in this song.

- "Here In Your Arms", Hellogoodbye reminds me of March 2007, squished in the backseat of an Oldsmobile, heading towards Boston for a night out.  I was sitting next to two near-strangers, and we had just finished hollering "All I Want For Christmas Is You" at the top of our lungs, and this song came on and I'd never heard it before and I struggled to sing along while the two others embraced each other, finishing each other's lyric.  I felt simultaneously left out and exhilarated by the unfamiliarity of the situation all at once.
- "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)", John Lennon didn't mean much to me until I found myself standing near the entrance of a Tesco in Manchester, England in December and everyone was in the Christmas spirit.
- "The Sweet Escape", Gwen Stefani reminds me of a particular room in one particular corner of Massachusetts on a particular Marathon Monday.
- "Fallin' For You", Colbie Caillat reminds me of the Black Hills of South Dakota and the hills of Wyoming, which I was ripping through with this song on repeat.
- "Believe", Cher reminds me of my steamy middle school gym and the exhilaration that came along with the novelty of middle school dances.

Idealized "Places"
I don't know if it's because parts of its video make me think of Arizona (it was probably shot in California) or because I was going through an "Arizona phase" and somehow began associating this song with Arizona and spring break (I do believe the song came out early one spring), but it reminds me of Arizona.

Beginning tomorrow I will try to find an actual story to accompany these songs, as just throwing these names out is a little pointless, right?

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