A song that you want to play at your funeral

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's morbid, but I've actually given this one some thought in the past as well.

I'm pretty sure I'd want it to be "Fields of Gold", the Eva Cassidy version, which also happens to be my favorite song.

Besides the beauty of Eva's voice, I think the lyrics of this song make it a fairly self-explanatory choice, especially with its "gold" imagery. I like the image of remembering the past, of good times, of a life fully lived, and good times for the future.

"Welcome to My Heart" by the Backstreet Boys, which I chose as an option for a wedding song, would oddly enough be a good choice for my funeral too. As would another previously mentioned song, "Living in Twilight" by The Weepies.

But I have also given some thought to not wanting to make the guests at my funeral cry. I'd rather it be a celebration of life and not a mourning of a death. Maybe something a little more upbeat by an artist I love, like ...

"The Answer To Our Life", Backstreet Boys

"Weird World", Backstreet Boys

"Please Don't Go Girl" by the New Kids On The Block would be mildly entertaining. I would not be opposed to it, but my guess is someone would axe it from the program "on my behalf".

I don't know.  Ask me in, like, 30 years.  Though I'll tell you, there's an 80% chance I will want to play a Backstreet Boys song ... for nostalgia's sake.

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