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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I've been wanting to learn how to play the guitar since around the time I started realizing the piano wasn't the right instrument for me. I know that by the time I was in the ninth grade, I was begging my father to buy me a guitar. But as father usually does know best, he told me to hold off on it out of fear I'd drop it like a hot potato. I never did get around to getting my own guitar, and to this day I still tinker around with the idea of buying myself an acoustic, but my father was right then and is still right today. I'd probably stop playing around with it after a few days.

That said, I would love to naturally be able to play the guitar. I may not like the piano, but I am in love with the sound of the guitar. Acoustic, electric, you name it.

Pretty much any John Mayer song is one I wish I could play. Particularly the songs off of Continuum, which has the "sickest" electric guitar riffs and such.

"Slow Dancing In A Burning Room", John Mayer

"Vultures", John Mayer

Acoustic Mayer ... "Free Fallin'"

And I almost cried when I heard John Mayer play "Human Nature" at Michael Jackson's funeral:

So I've searched for about 45 minutes now for this one particular Taylor Swift performance on one of those daytime talk shows. I believe it was around the time the Fearless album was re-issued, with the bonus songs. Anyway, she and at least one other band member played acoustic guitar and her accompanying guitarist played an acoustic guitar solo in the middle of the song. I do believe this was Grant Mickelson, and I remember it being a guitar of a beautiful mahogany color, but I can't identify the video or the song, so I am at a loss here.

I found it. The audio quality is not great so I don't hear what I heard the first 10 times I put the video on repeat, but here is the performance I was talking about, I'm fairly certain. The guitar is not mahogany, and I can't remember which of these two songs I thought was mind-blowing, but either way, Grant Mickelson's guitar ... I want.

Instead, I will post my favorite Taylor Swift performance ever, of George Strait's "Run".

That said, I think the banjo is pretty damn awesome too.

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