A song that you wish you heard on the radio

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The two songs off the top of my head that I've heard on the radio and think should get yet more air time are both artists from the UK.

"Rolling in the Deep", Adele

"You've Got The Love", Florence and the Machine

There are also a handful of artists who I think deserve to get more radioplay and don't.

David Archuleta
I am a champion for David Archuleta.  He may have seemed like a helpless little boy on American Idol, but he has grown by leaps and bounds since 2008.  His voice is probably the best I've heard for anyone in his generation, and perhaps in Generation X as well.  His newest album has some really stellar tracks on it, some of which would sound poppin' on the radio!

"The Other Side of Down"


A Fine Frenzy
Another chick I've written about previously.  I have zero idea why Alison Sudol's stuff isn't ever on the radio.  I think her first single off her second album "Bomb in a Birdcage" made it to the top 20 on VH1, but I don't recall ever hearing it on the radio.  While songs off of her first album "One Cell In The Sea" were a tad dreary for radio, almost all the material off her second album would fit right in.

Matt Wertz
He's like a harmless John Mayer, and more acoustic, less electric.  I've posted his songs "Back in June" and "Everything's Right" before, if I recall correctly.  His music is just feel good and I think would chill people out just a tad.

The Weepies
Another band I've written about before.  They recently released a much mellower but happier album, titled "Be My Thrill".  I don't think a pop audience would necessarily embrace The Weepies, but I'm surprised AC radio stations haven't really picked up on them.

Lady Antebellum
There were a lot of other good songs off the album Need You Now than just "Need You Now", but it's as if nobody in pop radioland knows this.  "American Honey" is great, but was completely ignored by pop radio.  Perhaps it was a little too narrative-like (aka "country")?

Oh well, more of all of these great artists for myself!

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