A song you listen to when working out

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hmm, working out.  Another thing that is foreign to me ...  (I was relatively diligent about it only 6 months ago, sigh.)  

When I did work out, I had a few songs I enjoyed listening to ... the second Dream (do you remember them, the P. Diddy girl group of the early '00s?) album, in particular.  I had really loved the first album "It Was All A Dream", and I stumbled across their then-unreleased sophomore album "Reality".  The songs "Why Me" and "That's Ok" eventually became my favorites to exercise to.

"Why Me"

"That's Ok"

Another song I have exercised to is from an unlikely artist (at least for me): Kelly Clarkson.  Generally, I avoid her music because since her debut album, all of it's sounded the same to me.  But I had "American Idol" on during a workout once and she made an appearance and sang "My Life Would Suck Without You", and it suited my purpose.  The lyrics, however, leave much to be desired in my book :).

On a somewhat unrelated note, while I was going through Dream's videos on YouTube, I found the videos of another girl group of that time, Play.  I was so incredibly excited to find these videos, because for about a year back in the early '00s, I adored the Swedish girl group.  I even met them when they came to New York City ...  in fact, I think it was February 19, 2003 that I met them, almost exactly 8 years ago.  My favorite was always Fanny "Faye" Hamlin, who I was excited to see reunited for a short while with band member Anais Lameche (who grew into an extraordinarily beautiful woman) in 2010.

The teenybopper in me is overjoyed!

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