A song you used to love but now hate

Monday, February 14, 2011

This isn't exactly a question I'd like to be answering on Valentine's Day, but onwards with it.

I used to really like Hilary Duff.  She was all kinds of wholesome and adorable on Lizzie McGuire and seemed to be a really great role model for kids.  She was exalted in magazines for being a "Tween Queen" and a good girl.  And then a couple years later, she seemed to tire of the good girl image she'd proudly wore.  She lost a lot of weight, started dating Joel Madden, got really bitchy about Jane Fonda, and started releasing music videos that made me cringe because I found Lizzie McGuire squirming against a guy and felt my eyes needed to be gouged out of my head.

Before this happened, though, I supported her musical endeavours, even though she wasn't a great singer by any stretch of the imagination.  I downloaded her half-assed Radio Disney "single" "I Can't Wait" when it came out, bought her album "Metamorphosis" even though she sounded like she had nasal plugs in, then her next album, "Hilary Duff" (which, admittedly, has some good tunes on it).

So you could argue that I never really loved any of her music because I recognized its subpar quality, but I loved it because Hilary Duff was behind it and I liked her.  But then the people behind "Laguna Beach: The Real O.C." chose one of the songs I liked off "Metamorphosis" as its theme song.  I have never been able to look at the song the same way again.

"Come Clean", Hilary Duff

Maybe someone else with a more mature voice could've made that song work well.  Hilary's voice, paired with the high school drama of "Laguna Beach" was just incongruous to me.  The song began to irk me, though to be fair, theme songs have the tendency to get to me after some time.  I'm glad Hilary has laid off the singing over the past few years.  I think maybe she's glad too.

Now ... Happy Valentine's Day!  When it's come to love songs, I tend to like the depressing, introspective ones (a la A Fine Frenzy or Mat Kearney).  But I'm still floating around in NKOTB world, so my morning and evening commutes filled my head with late '80s/early '90s bubblegum love songs.  Ah, so refreshing.

"If you go away, girl, you're taking my heart with you. If you go away, girl, you're breaking my heart in two. If you only stay, girl, I promise you the world ..."

Ah, like a predictable romantic comedy to my cynical ears!

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