A song you want to play at your wedding

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This question comes at a very convenient time! I heard a song yesterday that made me think of this very topic. I've been slowly adding and removing songs to this list since the early '00s, and here are some of the songs which may make my wedding guests hate me forever (heehee) if I ever get married:

"A Love That Will Last", Renee Olstead

Admittedly, his song isn't entirely appropriate for a ceremony during which you are celebrating your commitment to someone else, but it's just so beautiful that I would probably play it anyway. Renee's voice is so incredibly gorgeous ... I haven't followed up on her since her first album was released, but she's one talented girl.

"Time Goes By", Spice Girls

Anyone who knows me will expect me to have a somewhat quirky wedding, probably chock full of '90s pop music. So I would have no shame having my first dance to a Spice Girls song (though a Backstreet Boys song would be a hundred times better). And if I can afford it, expect both a chocolate and champagne fountain ;).

... and speaking of the Backstreet Boys, that Backstreet Boys song would be "Welcome To My Heart", a song I have already written about. But if you had asked me in 2000, my answer would have been the humiliating "I Promise You (With Everything I Am)". But this does not mean I won't try to squeeze "I Promise You" in there somewhere.  I'd maybe consider making a dance remix ha.

And I have to mention the song that got me thinking about all of this last night:

"Tender Love", Jordan Knight

His version sends chills down my spine ... not sure it's entirely appropriate for a wedding. Maybe for what comes afterwards ...

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