30-day song challenge plus one

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

As the 30-day song challenge went on and I got used to searching the dusty corners of my memory for songs from my near and distant past, I remembered some songs important to me for categories already mentioned.  And one category that I was surprised was not included.

A song that makes me happy

"Good Day", Nappy Roots

Is an explanation really necessary?

A song that describes you

"Prelude To A Kiss", Alicia Keys

Katelyn Epperly, of American Idol's ninth season, recorded a cover of this which I actually think is even more amazing than the original:

And the category I was shocked was not included ... a song that makes you feel romantic (or something along those lines).  For this, we can rely on Mr. Jeff Buckley!  "Everybody Here Wants You".

Easily the sexiest song ever. Jeff Buckley and maybe D'Angelo.

That is all ... I'm trying to think of something to do with the blog now that the 30-day song challenge is over. Anyway, I hope the challenge brought some insight into who I am ... if there are even any consistent readers out there :).

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