"Blueberry Pancakes"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

There's nothing like a cheery song on a day when you're feeling kinda blue. Even better is a stack of warm, fluffy pancakes and a hefty drizzle of maple syrup. Right?

I thought my friends were just being mean when they laughed at me for liking the song from the Bisquick commercial last year. You know, the Frances England song that goes "blueberry pa-annnn-caaaaakes". Turns out they're not the only ones -- comments on a YouTube upload of the commercial range from sympathetic to downright intolerant. And we're just talkin' blueberry pancakes here!

Well I like the song. And I don't even like blueberry pancakes. There's something really uplifting about the folksiness of Frances England's song, especially paired with the cute (and obviously not-related-by-birth) children, the IKEA bedding and the fluffy pancakes.

I don't know, but it makes ME smile.

Here is the commercial:

Would you believe there is no full version of the song on YouTube? The haters probably conspired to have it taken down :).

Hopefully Monday and Tuesday haven't brought you down and you're ready to face Hump Day with all you've got.

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