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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I liked the concept of sharing some of my favorite tweets over the past week so much that I'm back to do it again! Sorry to Alex Guarnaschelli, I couldn't get her icon to format properly ha.

 Donnie Wahlberg 

Right now... Somebody is loving the sh*t out of you & humbly acknowledging his gratitude to you! Thought you should know! 

 demetria lovato 

Not being afraid of what others think is attractive.. Being judgmental is NOT! 
18 Mar

 Sophie Ward 

"Sophie why are you so strong?" "How am I strong?" "I don't know. Why are you so strong?" "Sometimes you've just gotta be strong" (Conversation with India, 4 yrs old)

 Brooke White 
today is the day to love people, choose happiness, do good and live in the moment... just in case tomorrow never comes. 

 alex guarnaschelli 
chilly day. Oatmeal with crispy granola, baked apple chips, crumbled brown sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice to brighten it.

 Alison Sudol 
i'm over-full of love today, sending it out there in case you need it.

Happy Spring!

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