It's Friday!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ever since I gave in and listened to the travesty that is Rebecca Black's song "Friday", I have been hearing songs revolving around Friday left and right. All of them are better than Rebecca Black's ... even Donnie Wahlberg's.

Perhaps with the help of these more palatable songs, you be can "partyin', partyin'" and have "fun, fun, fun, fun" this weekend. Because tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards. In case you didn't know.

"Rise n' Grind", Donnie Wahlberg

This song actually is not too far off from Rebecca's. Donnie wants you to know that he lives for Friday, but he assumes you know that Sunday comes after Saturday and Saturday, Friday. He, too, is looking forward to riding (though he says not what or in which seat) and partying on Friday. Call this a masculine, grown-up rendition of Rebecca's song.

"Good Friday", Kanye West

This is one catchy tune. A lot filthier than Rebecca Black's and even Donnie Wahlberg's songs, but there is definitely a "ride" in this one too. No countdown, no listing off the days of the week. But it does contain some serious hipster namedropping.

"Friday", Daniel Bedingfield

If at all possible, this song is even more random than Rebecca Black's. It is up there with the most random of songs: "Summer Girls" by LFO. I think it has even that song beat, unfortunately. At least he explains himself in it -- he's frenetic because he's waiting at the edge of his seat for his girl to return from wherever she is. (He can't seem to tell where he is, either, it seems.) Avoid this one if possible, unless you want an anxiety attack. If this is the amount of enthusiasm he has just looking forward to Friday, I don't think I want to find out what Friday's actually like for him.

"Freaky Friday", Aqua

Little did I know that Aqua could come around with as awesome a song as "Barbie Girl".  This is a very random song, but it all seems to make sense because a very high-pitched songstress is feeding the story to us, with a very macho-sounding man barking side notes. Yes. There is a car, not a "ride" in this song, but then again, "everything is wrong" and no one is partyin'.

"Friday", Goldspot

There is nothing funny about this song. Do not listen to this on a Friday if you plan on having a good weekend.

"Thank God It's Friday", R. Kelly

A party is not a party until R. Kelly shows up. And you KNOW this song is about a party. There is no mention of a "ride" in the song, but there are plenty of fancy rides in the video for you to choose from. Of course, "valet parking in the club lets you know it's Friday night".

If we're going to be ironic, Aqua wins. If we're going to be depressing, Goldspot gets that prize. If we're going to be excited about the weekend, well, I'm going to have to go with the D-Dub ("A-H-L" to the "B-E-R-G"). So it seems -- as evidenced by Donnie Wahlberg's song -- that these Ark Music Factory people may have been onto something conceptually, but their execution leaves something to be desired.

Of course, Donnie did it first and Donnie did it better.

With that, I'll let R. Kelly get the party started -- "my sistas, enjoy your weekend".

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