Spring cleaning

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The day was spent doing all sorts of cleaning, from clearing out my computer to clearing out my closets.

I slipped on a sunnier, more spring-like slipcover for my otherwise Nordic printed pillow.  A little wrinkly, but it'll smooth out before fall.

I put a bunch of haven't-worn-in-years sweaters and a couple pairs of pants into a trash bag to give away.

I stowed my scarves and winter hats with my ditzy floral print tote bag -- but not far away, in case the nippy air makes one last return before spring.

I dug up the missing earrings from behind the dresser.

My checklist and other essentials.

My bin of hair accessories and shades. Hopefully these will get lots of use in the coming months.

FINALLY put up the cork board I've been hesitant about. A clean slate for a new season.

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