Top 5: Nail Polishes

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I don't know when I picked up this "habit", but I often turn to polishing my nails to calm or wind myself down. They say braiding one's hair has this effect, but I enjoy refreshing my manicure and focusing only on what is at hand (literally) for about 20 minutes, until the paint dries.

My penchant for nail polish may be the girliest thing about me. It may have been borne from years of playing the piano and being yelled at by my piano teacher over a "distracting" clear polish. And then having to curl my fingernails under my bowl at dinner so my parents wouldn't make a snarky comment about how hideous my nail polish was. Now that I am an adult, my nails finally "belong" to ME! Prime real estate.

Here are my current favorite colors, pretty much all amassed over the past year ... none of the photos are completely true in terms of color, as is expected:

Essie, "Status Symbol"

This one I purchased in early 2009, actually. I'd been watching old episodes of "Newport Harbor" (don't ask) and they were having a "Pretty in Pink" party and Allie got her nails done in this bright but dark pink color. This isn't exactly the color I was looking for (it appears dark in the photo above, but it's lighter and brighter in person), but it has served me well. A little too bright for the fingernails (as I've been told by a couple of guys), but they definitely do well to bring some cheer to the toes.

Sephora by OPI, "Metro Chic"

I spot a lot of colors I like while watching television or musical artists. The same goes with clothes, but on a lesser scale. I was watching Lady Antebellum perform on "The Today Show" in March 2010 when I spotted a gray nail color on Hillary Scott. I was in love. At the time, there weren't too many grays on the market (now Sally Hansen makes 'em), so I splurged on this $9 nail color from Sephora. It's got a touch of purple in it, which you can't see in the photo above. Here is a photo of it on my nails (I'm wearing it right now) ... please excuse my gross cuticles and the growth. My nails grow EXTREMELY quickly.

Essie, "Neo Whimsical"

This is probably in my top two or three favorite colors. It looks like a warm pale pink here, but it's actually more lavender with a touch of pink. It's a relatively subtle color, but still brightens up an outfit. I bought it when I was at the store, looking to pick up ...

Essie, "Chinchilly"

I wasn't 100% happy with OPI's Metro Chic because of the odd purple color, so I wanted a gray-er gray. "Chinchilly" is probably my number one favorite color. So much so that I will wear "Metro Chic" over "Chinchilly" because I don't want to "waste" it! I haven't worn it in a while, so I can't remember the exact hue of gray it is, but it's definitely a lighter gray, maybe with a touch of brown in it.

Sephora by OPI, "Fiercely Fabulous"

This is my newest purchase, from last fall. Another color I looked for after watching a UK show called "Nearly Famous". One of the lead females, played by Anna Brewster, wore this extremely bright, almost orangey red color. I happened to accompany a friend to Sephora not long afterwards and tried this out. A couple weeks later, this was added to my collection.

Although my top 5 are all either Essie or OPI, most of my polishes are NYC Color or Rimmel. I used to adore Brucci when I was younger, but those are more difficult to come by now. But I have to say, Essie has quickly become my favorite brand because application is easy peasy and it goes on pretty evenly. I've found that Sephora by OPI's brush is just a tad narrow, so application is not as easy and streaking is more common.

I can tell you a couple of brands I try to avoid: Revlon, Cover Girl and Maybelline.  Revlon goes on pretty watery and consequently dries kind of streaky. Cover Girl chips really easily and rubs off on things if you are not careful. To be fair, I've only used one or two Revlon and Cover Girl colors. Maybelline gets goopy in the bottle fairly quickly. Rimmel is great; I've never had any problems with its colors, and I would say my sixth favorite polish is "Swept Away" from NYC Color, a pinkish nude French manicure color.

Now I'm going to go read some Dostoevsky to make up for the frivolity of this post.

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