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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I remember a time when I used to care about and stay on top of celebrity gossip and trends.  Like what bitchy thing Lindsay Lohan had said about Paris Hilton, and which one of them Brandon Davis was hating on today (it was actually just always Lindsay), and how Mischa Barton tried to stay out of it and was momentary BFFs with Nicole Richie.

It takes a lot for me to give a hoot about new "trends", probably because they are so fleeting these days.  Take this Rebecca Black girl, for example.  I saw her trending on Twitter all weekend but didn't pay her any mind.  Wasn't even curious.  Granted, I assumed she was some English actress for the first day-and-a-half.  And then Monday came and all the online publications tried to bank on everyone trying to figure out who the heck this Rebecca Black is and why she is so freaking popular right now.

I have to praise the New York Times, Time magazine and some of their cohorts.  A few years ago, when I was actually on top of these things, they were always 3 to 5 steps behind.  Like the whole hipster thing?  They were about 2 YEARS late to that game.  But they are still kicking themselves for chortling at the greatest YouTube sensation of our time when his dubious first single, then second, hit the airwaves (and are trying to make us forget that they did by namedropping him at every turn).  Of course I'm talking about Justin Bieber.

Anyway, after doing as an old fogie does -- reading several social analyses of what Rebecca Black may represent -- I finally gave the girl hit and watched the damn video for the song "Friday".  

Maybe I really AM getting old, but I fail to see the humor or irony in this video.  Or at least not enough of it to make Rebecca Black worthy of a Twitter trending topic.  The lyrics are godawful -- funny, but only marginally so -- and the song is catchy in parts, but she is so obviously awkward that it's painful, not enjoyable, to watch and laugh at.  

And her voice ... I swear, if I hear this on the radio, I will be writing some not-so-pleasant e-mails to the appropriate programming director.  

This is when I say "See world, Justin Bieber really isn't that bad."  

(But he isn't, anyway, with or without the Rebecca Blacks of the world.  It just took Rebecca Black to show us that.)

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