After: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's been 6 full days since I applied the Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips to my nails. They still look good, but I have a pretty low tolerance for nails that are just a little too long (having been a piano player and all).

Before, left hand
After, left hand
My nails grow fairly fast ... you can see the growth here, which isn't significant, but definitely noticeable (especially since I tweaked the shape of the strips and the edges ended up being kind of rough). You can see that there is virtually NO wear on the fingertips, which is unbelievable. I've taken my daily shower (long ones, at that), washed dishes, used the computer, etc. These strips are no joke ... they will probably last you the ten promised days and then some.

Before, right hand
After, right hand
I did apply a coat of clear topcoat to the nails after I applied the strips, so I think that definitely helped them stay put. There was a teeny bit of wear on the fingertips after the second day, but nothing noticeable and nothing close to what would have appeared if I had applied nail polish rather than these strips. My left thumb suffered the worst wear, probably because I used that finger the most to peel away the backing tape to the strips when applying. For many of the nails, because the shape of the strips did not perfectly match my nails, I laid the strips over my cuticles and tore away at the extra bits. I wouldn't recommend doing this, as it creates a messy edge. It did work out well, however, for my thumb on the right hand -- mostly because there was practically no nail growth.

As for the Girl Flower design, I'd mentioned I wasn't 100% happy with the coloring in my original post, and I stand by that. They are practically neon in daylight, which was personally off-putting for me. The blues, which I thought looked the best during application, looked ridiculous to me outside. I kind of felt like Barbie at times. I'd like to see Sally Hansen create a richer palette for the Girl Flower design.

Overall, I have been very happy with these strips and would not hesitate to try them in other designs. 

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