Birthday present to myself

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So I've gone some time without a crazy shopping spree (per my New Year's resolution), but all bets are off for my birthday! (Okay, so the NKOTBSB tickets were my actual present to self, but these are ... more practical presents.)

I went a little crazy on (for the NKOTBSB concert), American Eagle and then Target on a whim, when I dropped in out of boredom last week (oops).

Here are just some of the purchases.

American Eagle Ikat sandals

I was a little wary of these because reviews said the bows do not stay together. This is definitely true ... however, my feet are fortunately (or unfortunately) wide enough so that this isn't a great concern. They look cute, though a tad reminiscent of maybe Tahitian villager sandals or something. They are also incredibly flat. I'm pretty sure I'm keeping these.

Dolce Vita for Target rope wedges

I bought these because people said they are amazingly comfortable for 4 inch wedges, and because I wanted shoes I could wear with the yellow dress I purchased for the concert. I figured an extra 4 inches would only benefit me in a concert setting. The reviews are right: walking in these shoes require little more effort than walking in sneakers, and I am extremely sensitive to shoes that slow me down -- I live in New York City after all! My problems with these shoes are three-tiered:

1. They do NOT go with everything. They're actually a tad clunky, at least on me with my relatively thin ankles and look somewhat ridiculous with most of my dresses.
2. The zipper at the back of the shoe (not pictured here) is very temperamental, which is why I have chosen to use the buckles instead for putting them on and taking them off.
3. The back of the ankle strap is stiff and pretty uncomfortable -- it constantly rubs against my foot and causes some friction that could be problematic over a longer period of time.

Like I said, I'd been planning to wear these to the concert with the dress, but now I'm not sure I will. I'm also not sure I'm going to be keeping these. I love that they are as comfortable as they are, but I didn't buy them planning to wear them under bell bottoms or boot cut jeans, which ultimately renders them useless in my wardrobe.

I'll have to sleep on that one.

American Eagle earrings

Nice summer/resort colors.

I've been a big fan of American Eagle for over ten years ... although I'm probably out of the age range they cater to now, I find their clothes and accessories to be just the right amount of casual mixed with bohemian and prep. And reasonably priced (ahem -- when on sale -- ahem).

There's SO much more where that came from that I'm embarrassed and am going to wait to share.

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