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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm pretty sure Jordan Knight fulfills 80% of the list below.
I've noticed that I've been getting hits from a site that purports to teach men (I'm assuming) how to attract women. I'm not sure which one of my posts warrants attention from a site like that, but I am mildly amused. And so I've decided to go ahead and actually make a list of things (yes, things, and not habits or even things you can necessarily "change") that are common in the men I'm attracted to.

1. Wear a hoodie
Not in a bar if you're trying to pick up a girl, of course. For many girls, there's a "je ne sais quoi" about guys in uniform or suits. Well for me, a hoodie may as well be a suit or uniform. Maybe it's because I tend to like manboys. The more basic, the better. And a white t-shirt and jeans? Wow.

2. Be able to sing or play an instrument
Musicians, there's just something about them. Having a good voice is best, but look at John Mayer ... his skills lie in his fingers first, his voice and looks later (if at all).

3. Be left-handed
It might be the extra "creativity" lefties are supposed to possess, I don't know. But I like it.

4. Know your spelling and grammar rules
This is of supreme importance. So much so that it should've been number one. There is nothing less attractive to me than someone who cannot spell properly.

5. Be open-minded
Because there's nothing attractive about someone who is close-minded.

6. Be street smart
There is something really smexy about guys who know how to do a lot of things, even if it's only a little. Someone who's tried a little bit of everything (maybe in their youth) and isn't afraid to get a little hurt.

7. Know at least a little about recent pop culture
This will impress the girl to no end, I promise you. Unless she's a physicist or something.

8. Have a nice smile
A man can be as hot as can be, but a warm smile will melt the heart and give the guy extra "trustworthy" points. On the same tip, laughing at a lot of things can be charming as well.

9. Be a little dorky
Guys who are self-aware and know how to make fun of themselves are A++.

10. Use your pockets
This sounds weird, but one or both hands in your pants pockets equals sexy to me.

I have a friend, a male friend, who is so totally convinced that the answer to almost all (if not all) my problems is having a significant other. Every argument, every suggestion and bit of advice always ends with one sentiment: because no one likes a girl who _____. Says who? Not every girl spends every waking moment working towards the goal of marrying and having children. I'm just sayin'.

Every person has his or her own quirks -- that's just it! -- and this is his. There is no "normal". He so staunchly believes in something he calls "normal", and is such a typical reflection of what we have been told by society we are expected to be. And that's just not realistic in the least.

Long story short ... in spite of my silly list, no one should feel that they should change for anyone because everyone has his or her own opinion. Just be you.

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