Playlist: Sprummer 2011

Monday, April 04, 2011

I have no idea what songs are going to be popular this summer, and I still don't "get" Katy Perry's "California Gurls" ("Teenage Dream" was more my thing), but I am definitely ready to start building my summer playlist. It was a balmy 60-some odd degrees in New York City today and I had a little Chris Brown pumping in my ears this morning ... Here are songs that remind me that summer is just around the corner!

"Sweet Caroline," Neil Diamond

"... and spring became the summer, who'd have believed you'd come along?" It's the Boston in me showing itself ...

"Our Kind of Love," Lady Antebellum

Happy (belated) 25th birthday to Hillary Scott! The male love interest in this video reminds me so much of Zayn Malik of One Direction ... not as good looking, of course.

"Radio Radio," Brooke White

One of many, many great, cheery Brooke White songs that are worthy of spring/summer.

"Never Let You Go," Justin Bieber

An odd choice, perhaps, but something about this song just screams sprummer to me. I really do like this song ... it's a very hopeful song in that puppy love sort of way. And spring is all about hope.

"Turning Tables," Adele

"Untouchable," Taylor Swift

"Brielle," Sky Sailing

I actually really am not a fan of Adam Young's voice, but his composition is always so perfect that it's hard to deny that his music is good. Here is another one of his awesome creations.

And as summer draws nearer, you'd better believe I'm going to have a hearty playlist ready! Stay tuned ...

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