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Thursday, April 07, 2011

So over a year ago, Katy Perry tweeted a photo of her latest (and greatest) manicure. I think this photo single-handedly turned me around on her. Just kidding ... sort of.

I despised her first two singles, "I Kissed A Girl", especially. I'm not going to get on my soapbox about how it perpetuates stereotypes, yada yada, but that's basically the reason I disliked her so much. And with "Hot and Cold", I felt she perpetuating yet another stereotype about women who were "PMSing".

But as time passed, she seemed to move further away from the sensationalist lyrics and more towards this cutesy image that I kind of liked. Candy? Check. Cupcakes? Check. Fun nails? Wow, yes.

I stumbled across the Minx website a few months back and saw that it was the "service" Katy uses on her nails. I decided then and there that I would treat myself to her flowery nail design for my birthday. And then I discovered Sally Hansen's Salon Effects' "Girl Flower" design.

Let me tell you ... these babies are not easy to find. I dropped by two Targets, a CVS and two Walgreens before locating "Girl Flower". For $10, it's not the cheapest nail treatment ever, but compared to a $40+ Minx treatment, it seems worth the deal. Plus, if your nails are short like mine, you can get away with using one kit for two manicures.

You can see the uneven edges on my index finger.
I read about the ease of applying these nail strips ... at first, it seemed simple enough, but I stumbled a few times because the stickers really did not "fit" my nails' shape. As a result, I've got a few "bald spots" and had to tear excess off others, leaving a rough and uneven edge. Even though I applied a coat of clear polish over the nails when I was done, I suspect the strips will lift off my nails soon. Also, being a righty, doing my right hand was a tad difficult. The first few nails took no time at all, but the entire process took about an hour!

These things are supposed to last 10 to 14 days, but I know mine won't last nearly that long. I'm the girl who needs to cut her nails twice a week because they grow that fast. I'll be happy if I can keep them for 7 days. I'll check back when the strips start showing wear and tear. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results ... I probably wouldn't be singing the same tune if I didn't have half the kit leftover. I do wish the design were richer in color instead of on the more pastel-colored side. I loved the blue/black base of Katy's design.

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