2011 Billboard Music Awards

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Decided last minute to live blog this thing for no reason in particular. Let's go!

10:56pm - Incidentally, these two Neil Diamond songs are the exact ones David Archuleta performed on "American Idol" during Neil Diamond week. I always knew David Archuleta was a 50-something inside.

10:51pm - Neil Diamond: "What can I say? It's too much. I'm going to shut up and sing." And now he's doing "Sweet Caroline" and I suddenly know where David Archuleta got his moves from.

10:49pm - That ain't right for 32.

10:48pm - How old is Matthew Morrison? He looks kinda haggard.

10:43pm - YESSS, "Sweet Caroline"!

10:42pm - Okay, I heard this Britney song for the first time (or more than a snippet of it) this morning on VH1 and I actually like it. It might be the first song of hers I've liked since 2003 or 2004.

10:41pm - Totally caught that dude eyeing Nicki's junk.

10:39pm - I'll say what everyone's thinking: Nicki Minaj's booty is UN REAL.

10:38pm - I really do not like Taylor Swift's dress. I usually love her clothes, but not this time.

10:37pm - Do you think Neil Diamond's going to perform "Sweet Caroline," or would that piss off too many people?

10:35pm - Wow, 6 months later and Target is still milking that Taylor Swift ad. Can't blame 'em.

10:33pm - Am I the only one who really doesn't want to see Britney on stage anymore? I feel like her time has passed (a long time ago).

10:31pm - Justin Bieber just tweeted about the amazing night he's been having. Wonder if presenting an award to Rihanna had anything to do with that, hmm.

 Justin Bieber 

10:29pm - Rihanna looked like maybe she felt stupid for giving a shoutout to her "Navy".

10:28pm - Selena Gomez, be jealous. Your boyfriend is going to take full advantage of this moment. [5/9]

10:27pm - Wow, I don't think Katy Perry's won one award tonight, despite having the biggest single of last summer. I think maybe Rihanna will take this, for some reason.

10:14pm - This Ke$ha performance would've been a million times appropriate last night, before the so-called Rapture.

10:11pm - Wow, Gregory Smith did not age well. I guess I should've seen that coming.

10:08pm - This "The Edge of Glory" song is pretty good ...

10:07pm - Nooooo. I haven't missed her performance :((((.

10:06pm - Not sure if I've missed other awards, but I'm going to pretend I haven't. [4/8]

10:06pm - Did I miss the Ke$ha performance? Gawd, I hope so.

10:05pm - Top Country? Taylor Swift?

9:49pm - I'm going to run into the shower during this mega collab I will surely not care for. Can't stand OneRepublic and don't feel too much better about Far East Movement.

9:48pm - But it would be nice ... if I could round up the gals. But I can't even get them to go to Boston with me. Lame sauce.

9:48pm - Keith Urban telling me to go to Vegas? Okay, let's go! Not.

9:43pm - Is this over soon? I think I'm getting too old for this. I need to get ready for bed, yo. And finish "Townie" by Andre Dubus III.

9:42pm - Wow, these people really don't like the Biebs. "Thanks to all these people for keeping me normal ... sort of." Classic.

9:41pm - Selena Gomez's face ... aw. Bad news bears -- Justin's haircut really isn't working for him.

9:40pm - Phew. [3/7]

9:40pm - I have no idea what category this is. Er, Justin Bieber?

9:34pm - I actually like Rihanna's hair here. Ha, there's the Biebs trying not to let his jaw drop to the floor. You know he's still got the hots for RiRi.

9:33pm - This is going to Katy Perry. Ugh, wrong again. [2/6]

9:32pm - It's hard to believe Joe Jonas once carried a Disney show. Try to sound like you mean it, dude.

9:26pm - One of these days, I'd like to see them really go crazy with their wardrobe. It seems like they play it really safe with the grays and blacks.

9:24pm - Yay, Lady Antebellum and their new song "Just A Kiss"!

9:16pm - I hope Cee Lo spends more time singing "Bright Lights Bigger City" than "Forget You" ... Lord knows we've heard "Forget You" enough times.

9:15pm - Every time I've seen Fergie since 2002, I've thought "what happened to you Stacy Ferguson?" "Kids Inc" fan here, sorry.

9:13pm - Wrong again. Well, I got off to a good start ... [2/5]

9:13pm - If Lady Antebellum is nominated, I think maybe they will win this one too.

9:12pm - Hot. I like Selena Gomez.

9:05pm - Is it weird that Beyonce is reminding me of Miley Cyrus reminding me of Beyonce? Everyone is starting to look the same, yeesh.

9:00pm - This performance is pretty cool, though.

8:59pm - I don't know how I feel about this "lifetime achievement"ish thing for Beyonce. She's too young for this ...

8:55pm - Well at least Lady Antebellum is performing soon. They tweeted a little bit ago:


8:54pm - That "Good Morning America" commercial just reminded me I still haven't watched the "Born This Way" OR "Judas" videos. Wow.

8:50pm - Hillary Scott is the bee's knees. She's so cute. And Britney's Jason Trawick or whatever his name is looked like KFed for a second there, hmm. [2/4]

8:49pm - I think Lady Antebellum is going to win this one.

8:48pm - You know it's bad when they have to bring Tim Allen out.

8:47pm - This show is really boring me.

8:38pm - WHAT!? Taio Cruz, really? [1/3]

8:38pm - I got this. "California Gurls" is gonna win. Bane of my existence.

8:37pm - Who told Randy Jackson that jacket was okay?

8:31pm - Thanks for the Vegas promo, but I'm still not going there anytime soon. Especially not because Ken Jeong is telling me to.

8:31pm - You know a show is not good when its viewers are distracted by videos they've seen at least 3 times already on YouTube.

8:26pm - These performances are too long for my ADD'd self (thanks to television, natch).

8:20pm - How is it even POSSIBLE that the older Justin gets, the more feminine he looks? When will the testosterone kick in?

8:19pm - I was afraid Gaga wasn't even nominated there for a second. Ugh, Justin Bieber? I for sure thought it would be Gaga. I love him and Selena together, they're so cute. [1/2]

8:18pm - I don't even know who's nominated for Best Digital Artist, but I think Gaga will win.

8:17pm - Who thought Ken Jeong would be a good host for any awards show, seriously?

8:13pm - Called the Taylor Swift win for Billboard Top Selling Album or whatever the category was. Thought Gaga would be nominated in Justin Bieber's place. How naive of me. [1/1]

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