Here comes the sun

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not really. I was just talking with my co-worker about how odd summers have been in New York City for the past few years. We'd had several heat waves by June last summer. The summer before that was hardly a summer, full of gloom and doom until about August. The summer before that was hot through October, and the summer before that, New York City was hit with some of the biggest rainstorms ever. The train system was debilitated on two occasions.

So I'm ready for a "normal" summer, whatever that may mean. So far, April's rainstorms have stretched well into May. We haven't had a stretch of more than two consecutive days of sun since probably March.

It was nice today, a little muggy, a sign of the summer to come. It was supposed to rain, but it didn't. And I wanted some basil lemonade.


 Last summer I bought one of those Magic Bullet personal blenders and went to town. My apartment was a makeshift granita shop. I blended frozen berries with lime juice, sugar and frozen pineapple chunks, topping it off with some ginger ale. I blended basil with lemon juice, sugar and mango nectar. Oh, the possibilities!

Those are limes, not lemons!

Too bad I killed off my basil plant ...

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