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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I had an awful day, which I should've seen coming when I was woken up multiple times in the early morning by torrents of heavy rain. Not even a GRANDE Cinnamon Dolce Latte (my favorite, but my first in years), two smexy Jordan Knight songs on repeat and the cheery Bath & Body Works body splash in Hawaii Coconut could turn it around.

But now it's over. And the one thing I've learned in my one plus year of trying to lead a positive lifestyle is that we can't dwell on the negative and most of the time, what it really takes is a shift in mindset.

It's Sunday, the beginning of a fresh new week and myriad possibilities, if you want them.

 Renee Graziano 

 Pia Toscano 

 Donnie Wahlberg 

 Chelsea Kane 

 Benton Paul 

 The Trevor Project 

And if you share a similar desire to see the bright side, this "Positively Present" blog offers some nice tips and pick-me-ups.

Here's to a lovely Monday and week!

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