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Friday, May 20, 2011

Things have been busy around these parts ... case in point: I wrote this entry yesterday afternoon, thinking I'd be home at a reasonable enough hour to post it. 'Twas not so, but I'm leaving it in its original form because otherwise it wouldn't make as much sense.

Sweet potato gnocchi in butter and sage, from Trader Joe's.
It tastes like Thanksgiving in pasta form and is amazing.

Went out for Thai at Sripraphai in Woodside, Queens with a couple of friends

We ordered the fried chicken and shrimp dumplings to start

I usually go for a green curry but opted for the standard Pad Thai this time.

Raspberry cheesecake froyo at Red Mango afterwards.

Cupcakes for Mr. Jordan Knight's birthday yesterday.
I'll take any excuse to indulge in a cupcake.

Some concert tickets

This summer will be a busy one, beginning with Adele tomorrow night at the Beacon Theatre. The Civil Wars are opening ... I adore Joy Williams and folk music so I really couldn't ask for more.

Well, the Adele concert was tonight and it was simply amazing. But more about that later. And more on funny M&Ms too, because my computer is refusing to cooperate tonight. To sleep, to renewal and recuperation.

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