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Monday, June 27, 2011

So I read (skim) "American Songwriter" magazine online, and I noticed that they're doing some sort of 30-day song challenge. I love these memes or whatever they're called and I was running out of ideas for the blog so ... here goes. A lot of my responses are going to overlap with the previous 30-day song challenge I did in February -- that's a given. I'm going to spread these entries out -- maybe one a week -- instead of packing them in like the magazine is doing.

Day 1: Favorite cover song
My favorite cover song also happens to be what I consider to be my favorite song of all time. And that is Eva Cassidy's "Fields of Gold".

Eva's voice is ... otherworldly. She uses her voice like it's her heart on her sleeve. And I love what she did with Sting's somewhat uptempo original, which could've passed for a bittersweet pop song if heard in passing. Eva's version makes my soul weep.

The imagery in this song is just so beautiful, though simple. I'm really struggling to find words to describe why I love this song so much, and I don't think anything I can say would do my feelings for this song any justice, so I'll let Eva do the talking:

David Archuleta, one of my favorite vocalists, happened to cover Eva's version of "Fields of Gold" during his Melodies of Christmas Tour in late 2009, and when I found out, I pretty much died ... and went to heaven when I got to hear it live! Not quite as devastating as Eva's, but I think with a few more years under his belt, he'll get there.

Now if Jordan Knight were to do this song, I'd probably actually die. Fortunately, the likelihood of this happening is next to nil. Somehow I don't think he sits around listening to Eva Cassidy in his downtime ...

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