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Saturday, June 25, 2011

What a whirlwind of a week! I'm a pretty lazy, introverted person so being out and about drains me. This week, I was pretty much ONLY out and about.

Tuesday evening, I went to a rooftop party at The Empire Hotel (where I've heard Justin Bieber stays when he's in town, which he was at the time ... though I didn't know it) with my friend Ellen. Going in, we really didn't know what the party was for. We left not really knowing what the party was for. No product was unveiled or speeches made.

It was Christmas-themed (in June!), with these lovely cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. This cocktail tasted like candy corn, and the red sugar tasted like sour cherry. There was a "candy bar" where you could build your own bags of Christmas-colored candy. I stuffed mine with sour strings, Swedish Fish, Pop Rocks, salt water taffy ...

When I got home, I had a new family member waiting for me.

This is my new iPod Classic, and I think her name may be Junie. (I haven't completely decided yet.) I have this little quirk of naming my electronics. Not all of them, just ones I use a lot. It all started with my computer from high school, which I named "Nick" after Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. Then there was "Jamie," my first digital camera. I think I probably named him after the guy from "The Real World: New Orleans", though it wasn't ACTUALLY named after him. It just came to mind. After that was my laptop "Bastardini" (which turned out to be very much as his name reflected), my first iPod "Babycakes," my next laptop "Poppy" and my last iPod, "Allschwang". After a last name I saw and thought looked cool. I have no idea how to pronounce it. All-sh-wong? All-sh-wang? My first iPhone was "Archie" after David Archuleta, and my second is named "Stevie" ... after two people: Stephen Covey (whose book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" I love and find invaluable) and Stevie Nicks. You probably think I'm a nut now.

The new iPod's arrival came at a great time, because early Wednesday morning, I headed off to Boston. More on that later. But let's just say I traveled a total of about 16 hours in a span of 38 hours and the new iPod's battery life proved to be a bit of a lifesaver. After 16 hours, it was only about half-drained. Amazing. Highly recommend it.

Thursday evening, after an extremely long ride, I arrived home to the second part of my Apple shipment ... a new MacBook Pro.

This I named Jordan. It's been a while since I last named an electronic something that wasn't cutesy, and Jordan seemed appropriate given my newfound ... infatuation. I think I might call it "Jordie" for clarity. Lest my friends begin to believe I'm delusional. As in: "I'm going to go home and play with Jordan. My computer. Not the New Kid."

I've been waiting a very, very long time to get a new laptop. My previous computer, a MacBook from 2007, had started getting really slow in late 2010 and started freezing up/shutting down on its own at the beginning of the year. Poppy (my MacBook) is still completely functional, but I'm definitely appreciating the speed with which Jordan is responding. I'm still getting used to some of the differences on this computer, but I think Jordan and I will share a long and beautiful relationship ;).

(Okay, now I actually sound kind of delusional.)

I went out to dinner with my best friends tonight. We've been friends forever but started getting together for dinner monthly at the beginning of the year. After some Korean fried chicken, we got some dessert and hung out outside a church on a quiet residential street like teenagers.

It fulfilled a fantasy I've had since high school of just hanging around late at night in a deserted parking lot or whatever it is small town kids do at night. Even though I grew up in the city and loved it, I've always secretly wanted to have experienced a small town upbringing.

To top it off, gay marriage was legalized tonight for New York state! Another victory in the move towards equality. An unforgettable week.

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