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Sunday, June 05, 2011

A colorful photo taken in Le Touquet, France
photo: New York Times
This is the first Sunday in a long while that I've been able to say that I've had a good week. The effects of having gone to Jordan Knight's album release party on Tuesday night weren't as intense as I thought they would be, but they seem to be longer lasting than I'd thought. Kind of ironic, considering how foul a mood I'd been in that morning.

I did make a conscious effort after a 20-minute rant to stop myself from wallowing in annoyance and self-pity, though, because in the past, I've found that bad moods only really snowball into worse moods. But party and moods aside, I've been able to recognize this week how fortunate I am to have the things, opportunities, people and luck I have in my life. It isn't always bad!

It's nice to know that some things do actually get easier with age ... like recognizing a fault and letting things go.

Anyway, I've collected some great tweets over the past couple of weeks ... sorry to always include Donnie Wahlberg, but as cheesy as his tweets are, they do make me smile (and maybe some of you too). Here's to a good week -- enjoy what you already have and let yourself be happy!

 Colbie Caillat 

 zooey deschanel 

 Michael Caine 

 Brooke White 

 Donnie Wahlberg 

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