Sweets from Sockerbit

Sunday, June 12, 2011

On Friday, my friend and I made a quick trip around the world right here in New York City's West Village. Well, by around the world, I mean culinarily ... and two countries. But two countries I adore.

After dining (on afternoon tea food) at Bosie Tea Parlor, we waddled our way to the Swedish candy store Sockerbit at 89 Christopher Street.

It was a very sterile (and very Scandinavian) space. Lots of white and emptiness made colorful and happy by gummies, jellies and chocolates galore.

I have a thing for gummies, so I took one or more of each one that wasn't licorice. Swedes love salt licorice. I've heard horrible things about it so I didn't even want to bother. I may have tried it once in Stockholm, though, I can't quite remember.

The service at Sockerbit was as sparse and detached as its decor.
It was pretty darn stereotypically Swedish -- the counter was manned by a blonde girl and guy. The girl never looked up, but the guy was friendly (and good looking).

Though there weren't really that many blonde men in Stockholm, in case you were wondering.

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