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Saturday, July 09, 2011

I checked my credit card statement online the other day and I blew through over $2,000 this past month. I went a little too spending happy in June, with the MacBook Pro, iPod, travel to Boston, unnecessary trinkets at the NKOTBSB concert, new wireless router, CDs ... and clothing, too. Clothing I most certainly do not NEED.

In any case, I've set a goal of not buying anything over $10 unless absolutely necessary until October. (The one exception is Jordan Knight-related spending.) I've done this before. In 2007, the last time I bought a laptop, I felt similarly poor and actually followed through on the promise I made myself. Only problem now is that I live in New York City again and not in the suburbs of Boston and have heightened access to flashy things that catch my eye ... not to mention things are more expensive here.

So from now until October, I need to find activities to do on weekends (Target is a serious "activity" for me) that won't cost me an arm and a leg. These are some things I have in mind ...

1. The Cloisters
99 Margaret Corbin Drive
Fort Tryon Park

I've mentioned this one before ... and I still haven't been. The buses that passed by my high school always advertised that they went to The Cloisters and yet, I have never been. It's not cheap at all, actually -- $25 suggested admission, but you gain access to the main building of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, so I guess it could be a good deal. Except I have no interest in going to The Met. Entire days spent sitting in front of certain works of art with pencil and sketch pad, trying to recreate the work of art in pencil or stiple have made me less than fond of most of the museum. Anyway, I'm more of a Museum of Modern Art kinda gal.

2. Luke's Lobster
Multiple locations in New York City

Okay, this isn't cheap either (though it is relatively cheap for seafood in the city), but I know I can get my father to foot the bill -- he's a real sucker for lobster rolls, and I've heard only amazing things about Luke's lobster rolls. I can never really stomach an entire roll, anyway, but I do love me some fresh Maine lobster. I haven't been able to eat seasoned lobster since my trip up to Maine in the summer of 1998. Ahhh.

3. MoMA's P.S. 1
22-25 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City

This is another one I am shocked I have never been to. This is exactly my kind of art museum, too. I've been to other weird Long Island City art museums multiple times (Noguchi Museum, I'm looking at you ... though to be fair, it wasn't you that was weird, but your staff), but never this one!?

4. Brooklyn Museum / Prospect Park
200 Eastern Parkway

I figured while we were on a museum roll, I might as well throw this one in too. And while I'm there I might as well check out Prospect Park. And maybe even Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I haven't been since I was 4 or so!

5. Quitter, Jon Acuff

So this isn't a NYC-specific activity, but it's a book I've heard a little bit about and would like to check out. It's been a while since I sat down in a quiet place and read a book, so maybe I'll pick up a copy of this (or one of the 3.5 remaining Harry Potter books I still need to finish by year's end) and set up camp at Central Park (I've been meaning to pay my favorite area, the Conservatory Garden, a visit anyway) and read for a few hours. That sounds pretty nice.

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