Lost and found

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life is confusing ... I choose to drown my stress in "Friday Night Lights" (when I'm not choosing New Kids on the Block and Jordan Knight) and all the crazy (yet somehow realistic) drama the characters go through. My favorite character has always been Tami Taylor for her incredible ability to stay balanced and rational, but right now I'm definitely relating best to her teenaged daughter Julie.

And that's probably not a good thing, considering I'm in the last fourth of the 5th season. Julie has wound herself up in a huge mess in the past 8 episodes ...

  1. she's gone off to college
  2. gotten a C- on a paper (le horreur!)
  3. had an affair with her married TA
  4. gotten slapped by her TA's wife in front of her dorm
  5. run home from college
  6. purposely crashed her car into a brick structure
  7. lied to her parents about what happened to her car
  8. more or less dropped out of college
  9. run away to her high school boyfriend's place
  10. been told by her ex-boyfriend (out of love) to face her fears
There's no TA or C- or damaged cars, but I kind of feel as lost as Julie does right now. Of course in the end, in a Breakfast at Tiffany's kind of moment, Matt Saracen (my second favorite character?) runs after Julie and tells her they'll figure it out. And they kiss. She has her Matt Saracen to lean on.

I have my Costco-bought real Belgian waffles.

Mmm. If you're ever in New York City and have a craving for a warm Belgian waffle (a real one, with pearl sugar baked into it), you have to track down the Wafels & Dinges truck. I've tried a couple different combinations, but my favorite is still the "liège wafel" ("Soft 'n chewy! This is the 'other' Belgian wafel, the one the Belgians kept secret from the world. Sneaky little Belgians!"). Trust me on this one.

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