NKOTBSB/Jordan Knight photo dump

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I was taking advantage of Snapfish's current photo book promotion (buy 1, get 2 free! I am not being paid to mention this whatsoever. I think this is a steal and if you're at all into photobooks, get thee to Snapfish.com before July 19th. The code is something like "MYSUMMERBKS" or something, but it'll be on the front page) the other night and went through some photos I took over the past year and made screencaps from my NKOTBSB concert (because I was using my camera to film the New Kids, I didn't really have many photos) and the Jordan Knight album release party. Some of the screencaps had me chuckling and making other silly comments to myself, so I thought maybe I'd share. Apologies in advance because they're pretty Jordan-centric. These are all from my camera, taken from video:

The Knight brothers share a moment

"I can't get you outta my head ..."

In the crowd during "Tonight"

"I'll Be Loving You (Forever)"

Doing ... something hot during Naughty by Nature's set

This is better in motion, but Jordan does some sort of hip gyrating
that I found more funny/adorable than sexy

Joey plays the piano on Nick's back while the Knight brothers point and laugh?

Yeah, I loved this

... and this

Believe it or not, this photo reminds me of LT on "Pregnant in Heels." You know, Rosie Pope's uber gay, uber fashionista-ish assistant, the one who "serves" and says "ohhh hooooney" in a way I still haven't been able to imitate. Well, here is Jordan Knight "serving."

And here comes what I like to call the "One More Night" smiling sequence, in which I smile at something Jordan has said during the song and he goes from:


and I spazz, resulting in cutting the top of his head off in the ensuing moments

And this is the sequence that made me laugh aloud. He had the crowd chant "yeah," then "oh yeah" and "hell yeah" and his favorite, "f*ck yeah." This was his reaction after that last one:

It's okay, Jordan, I'm old enough for swear words. You can curse in front of me.

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