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Monday, August 15, 2011

So revamping my blog is probably going to take a little longer than I imagined. These past couple of weeks have been surprisingly busy for me, and August 17th has always been a very popular day for babies coming out of the womb. I have 3 friends whose birthdays are this upcoming Wednesday, and another birthday the day before. Ack.

In any case, I thought I'd try something new on Sundays when I'm not sharing my favorite tweets ... how about my favorite reads from the past week and beyond? For some reason or another, I've really been getting back into reading some of my favorite publications online lately and have been finding a slew of pretty interesting articles.

Here are some of my recent favorites ...

Vanity Fair: The Elvis-Kiss Mystery—Solved!

New York Magazine: We Must Be Superstars: In defense of pop (and maybe narcissism, too)

The New Yorker: Leap of Faith: The making of a Republican front-runner. (Michele Bachmann ... interesting read)

The Atlantic: For Indie Bands, the New Publicity Is No Publicity

And this fun slideshow I totally agree with ... The Atlantic: Music Trends from 2011

Have a fantastic week!

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