Missoni for Target

Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's no secret to those who know me that I am a Target lover. Lover might be an understatement, actually. Fanatic?

Hardly a week goes by when I don't step foot into one of the red-accented stores. As a teenager, I spent many an afternoon browsing the home decor aisles with friends (their design is so spot-on!), dreaming of the day I'd ship off to college or move into my own apartment. Okay, enough of Maxine and Target: A Love Affair.

Target started up its Go International designer collaboration program back in 2006, when I was abroad in England. I was in the midst of some sort of fashionista stage then, stupidly "reading" Vogue and familiarizing myself with the supermodels en vogue at the time (that would've been the "aliens": Gemma Ward, Lily Donaldson, Heather Marks, Jessica Stam, Devon Aoki ... some of whom are still modeling. I have seen 2 of these girls in person on more than 2 occasions, and I have seen one of these girls' brothers on more than one occasion. The world, it is small.) This phase was likely induced by hanging around so many dressed-up British teenagers. In my 150+ student Psychology class, I saw girls saunter into class wearing what must've been last night's makeup and clubbing outfit -- hey ma, no back to my top! Yeah, I saw things I probably would never have seen in an American classroom there.

In any case, I had some Luella Bartley goods shipped to my parents' home. For some reason, I really thought I could start some sort of collection with these Go International goods. I did pretty well, skipping only Tara Jarmon ... until it got out of hand. Any sort of collecting can get expensive, but I was starting to accumulate more dresses and skirts than I could wear. I owned a Proenza Schouler for a few days until I let it go. I wanted a couple of Behnaz Sarafpour pieces, but I didn't quite like any of them enough in person. Even though my track record in collecting a piece from every collection has been far from perfect, I still get more excited than I should when a new designer is announced. Even though my burgeoning fashionista days are over.

Late to the game as ever, I just found out that Missoni is the new designer this fall! And over 400 pieces have been created for Target, including bed sets, children's clothing and plateware. I like that Target's started doing broader collaborations ... Calypso and Liberty of London took a similar route. While I wouldn't usually go out of my way to admire a Missoni design, some of these look pretty fun. These are some of my favorites:

I am potentially feeling the blouse here, and the skirt. And the hat. Not bad for a mish-mosh of crazy prints and patterns, really.

Depending on the material, the robe looks like it has potential. I also like the shorts in the photo on the left.

I love the cubism rose rug thingamabob. And if I drank any amount of espresso or had 4 friends to sit down to espresso with at any given time, that set would probably be mine.

I've been needing another laptop case for my new laptop ... I'm not in love with the design of this one, but if they have it in that rose print, Jordan the Laptop will be getting some new threads. Love the head scarves. If only they loved me and would stay on my head.

I have a feeling these shoes are going to sell like hotcakes. They're probably the most "normal" item in the entire collection, and they look fairly practical. I love the colorblocking or whatever it's called, and they remind me of shoes my mom kept from the '70s that I used to wear around the house because I was into The Brady Bunch and they made me feel like Marcia.

You can view the entire collection online here.

I've been wanting a bicycle (virtually useless in New York City), but can you imagine me riding through city streets on that thing? I'd be a creamsicle-colored blur!

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