One Time

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Over the weekend, I stayed in a hotel (free of charge) in midtown Manhattan ... even though I live in New York City. I think it'll be the only time in my life I will ever stay in a hotel in midtown Manhattan, or any part of Manhattan at all. (Just like I will probably never visit the Statue of Liberty or go to the Top of the Rock.)

This was the Best Western President Hotel, and it was peculiarly themed, I thought. This was my room:

A decorative pillow

The vinyl headboard ... very anachronistic, no?

Are you beginning to sense a theme here?

A good man always stands behind his lady ...

The lobby and the reception desk area were not at all presidential. The lobby was more akin to an intergalactic bar/lounge. No joke, I walked right past reception and towards the elevators and restaurant because I thought the reception desk was the bar. 

A very strange place indeed. But comfortable digs and reasonably affordable for New York City, I hear.

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