The past week, in food

Saturday, August 06, 2011

So the past week's been pretty eventful. I said goodbye to yet another great friend I've made in the past 3 years, and the second one I've sent off in the past few months. 

We went to Red Lobster. In the middle of Times Square. Whatever you're thinking I've probably already thought and agree with you.

I ordered a berry sangria. 'Twas very good and surprisingly strong.

Last night, a friend and I hit up Magnolia's Bakery. We went in search of some of the Treats of the Month (peach-flavored goodies). Alas they were all sold out. 

My friend ordered lemon cake.

And I ordered a slice of banana cream pie.

Banana cream pie and I have a kind of funny history. I'd never had banana cream pie until I went off to college. I may have mistaken it for lemon meringue the first time I tried it, but I fell in love immediately. And it seemed that I was the only one who loved it. None of my friends would go near the pie, and when I went back for seconds, the pie would always look untouched from my previous visit. Poor thing (but more for me).

I pretty much figured I'd never have another slice of banana cream pie after graduating from college ... after all, I'd gone 18 years in freaking New York City without having come across it.

Well last night, I had my first (I think) slice of banana cream pie since college. From a renowned bakery. And it kinda sucked in comparison to the college dining hall version!

Add that to the list of other foods that tasted better from my college's kitchen: carrot cake, pad thai, corned beef hash. 

Incidentally, those are all foods I had for the first time at college. I wonder if the first time is always the best.

Perhaps not so. After our dinners of cake and pie, my friend and I got a spinach knish for dessert. In high school, we used to run across the street to a place called The Bagelry for a cheap lunch. Oftentimes it wound up being a $2 plain potato knish. It was somewhat sour, if not flavorless, but filling and comforting. I subsequently tried to find but never had a better knish than the one I ate regularly at The Bagelry. Until last night. 

Zaro's. Do it.

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