A song that makes you temporarily think you're in love with everybody

Monday, August 29, 2011

Excuse me for what might be one of the lamest blog posts ever.

The answer to this comes in the form of a playlist of songs that put me in a good mood. Most of my favorite songs, admittedly, are sad ones, but there's a handful of songs that instantly put me in a good mood. Most of these are from my adolescence.

"Starry Eyed Surprise," DJ Paul Oakenfold
"All For You," Janet Jackson
"Butterfly," Crazy Town
"Love At First Sight," Kylie Minogue
"Good Day," Nappy Roots
"Fallin' For You," Colbie Caillat
"O.M.G.," Usher

I'd probably say "Butterfly" is the one that I associate most strongly with positive feelings. And I don't even know all of the words!

Starry Eyed Surprise (Album Version) All For You Butterfly Love At First Sight Good Day [Explicit] Fallin' For You OMG

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