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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I recently made my first-ever Avon order, because my friend Amy started selling Avon products. This is actually my first encounter with Avon products, as Avon is not common in New York City (that I know of).

In addition to the Pink Power nail polish I already reviewed, I ordered:

I ordered:
- Mark Please Hold eye primer, in Light to Medium ($8)
- 2 Ultra Luxury stick eyeliners, in charcoal and eggplant ($1.99 a piece)
- 3 Glazewear Lip Glosses, in Mocha Latte, Apple Cinnamon and Tickled Pink ($2.49 each)
- Mark Bronze Pro Bronzing Powder, in Pro Glow ($10)

Let's start off the bronzer. I'd been wanting to buy bronzer since I saw Erin Lucas with her doe-like eyes and perfectly bronzed cheeks on the first season of "The City" in 2007. I'd looked into several different bronzers, including Benefit's and Physician's Formula and even Bonne Bell. But I ended up not buying any of them because they were either too expensive or had an annoying sheen to it. For $10, I didn't think I could really go wrong with Mark's Bronze Pro Bronzing Powder. I skimmed through the reviews and was delighted to find that there was zero sheen.

I love the packaging ... it comes in a somewhat hefty container, with a little compartment for the blush brush below the actual bronzer/mirror compartment. I don't use the brush, but I'd imagine this little pack would be perfect for someone who is on-the-go (except the bottom has little holes in it, so you might need to put it inside a ziplock if you're actually on-the-go). My only complaint about this product is that it crumbles a little easily (more easily than the blushes I typically use, but maybe that's typical of bronzer). The color is a little difficult to detect on my skin, so I have to brush my cheeks a couple more times than with my regular blush, but it's probably because I'm tanned from the summertime.

Next up, the Mark Please Hold eye primer. I have major, major problems keeping mascara and eyeliner in place, which is probably why I hardly wear any eye makeup. I'd learned about eye primers but, again, didn't want to fork over the money for the 2 times a month I actually do wear eye makeup. I'd read great things about Urban Decay's eye primer, and I'd looked at Benefit's. When I saw the $8 price tag on Mark's eye primer, I decided to go for it.

I love it. I tried it under the Avon eyeliners I bought, and it stayed perfectly put all evening. In the humid summertime. Um, yes! I liked that it had a powdery finish and felt cool on my skin during application. I have nothing but good things to say about this product. I'm sold on eye primer now.

I am a sucker for lip gloss, and I have a million that I don't use, yet I can never have too many. I'm sure many of you can relate. I picked up 3 Avon Glazewear lip glosses, one in Mocha Latte, one in Apple Cinnamon and the last in Tickled Pink.

Avon Glazewear in Mocha Latte

I tried the Mocha Latte first. I liked the natural bronze of the color immediately. It looks great on; like you're wearing something but haven't gone overboard. My only issue with this color was that it was infused with little flecks of glitter which I should've probably expected (given that it was listed under the "Shimmers"). Unfortunately, these flecks stay attached to the lips long after the color has faded.

I also tend to have very sensitive skin ... and upon application of certain lip glosses, my lips will feel like they are burning a little. This happens for me with Revlon glosses, some Lip Smackers and Bonne Bell products, and these Avon glosses. If you have a similar sensitivity issue, you may want to take that under consideration. Fortunately for me, the burning doesn't bother me enough to make me not want to use them.

I've also tried the Tickled Pink color, which is a nice light pink with a very nice gloss. For $2.49 a piece, this is not a bad deal, especially if you like sparkle.

Last but not least, the Ultra Luxury eyeliners. I've tried eyeliners of all types ... I tend to use colored liners rather than eyeshadow. I've tried thin liners, chubby sticks, metallics, glitters, liquid, self-sharpening, etc. When it comes down to it, I like pencils the best. I got this product in charcoal and eggplant, two fairly conservative colors. I haven't yet tried the eggplant, but the charcoal is very nice.

Left to right: Ultra Luxury eyeliners in eggplant and charcoal; Glazewear in Tickled Pink and Mocha Latte

It goes on very softly and smoothly, and stays put (on top of the eye primer). It is a lot lighter in pigment than some of the other liners I've used (Almay, Sephora, Benefit), but that too big of a problem for me. Another dab'll do ya. For $1.99, this is a fantastic product and I highly recommend it.

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