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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taken in May 2010 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
I've been dreaming of moving out of New York City for a handful of years now, and I've made a half-dozen lists of things I wanted to as if I were already leaving. And now I am! So maybe this list will have a little more traction. I have 7 weeks.

1. Brunch ... and everything else food-related, really
I haven't had a Saturday off from work in nearly a year. Brunch is my favorite meal and New York City loves brunch. Some places I've wanted to eat at since I can remember and just haven't gotten around to are:
Chestnut (Carroll Park, Brooklyn)
La Esquina
Blue Water Grill 
Mesa Grill (been here a couple times for dinner, never for brunch ... drool)
The Stanton Social
Angelica Kitchen

2. P.S. 1
I don't know how it's possible that I still haven't been to this museum. Modern and interactive art are my THANG. I must go. I cannot leave the country without going, end of story.

3. Halloween
I have no idea how I'm going to celebrate it, but I'm going big this year. I've tried, unsuccessfully, for at least the past 5 years to celebrate Halloween. I'm going to dress up, I'm going to go crazy. I might even go see the Village parade ;).

4. Autumn/fall/harvest festival
I get all nostalgic around this time of year ... it might very well be my favorite time of year, though I'd never admit to favoritism. It's been years since I've had weekends off during autumn, so I haven't been able to go anywhere. This year I'm going, even if it means taking a train to Long Island or upstate.

5. Prospect Park
Didn't do it this summer, but I'll bet it's beautiful in the fall too.

6. Central Park
I love this place, even if I always get lost.

7. The Cloisters
Didn't get to this one this summer, either.

8. Do something wildly "New York"
I just have to figure out what.

This entry was a struggle to write. I really must be ready to get out of here! I'll miss the food, though, clearly ...

If anyone has any NYC activity suggestions, please tweet me or leave a comment! I'm taking requests and will photograph/film the experience for you :). I will not, however, venture into Williamsburg again.

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