Fall Lust: Navy Toggle Coat

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I have been searching for a navy duffle/toggle coat since mid-winter last year, and I've finally decided I'm going to bite the dust and buy one.

Of course, I'm one of the most indecisive people I know and can't decide which one I want.

Ideally, I'd get this one (Gloverall, a ridiculous $445.23 ... why the extra 23 cents? To mock those of us who already can't afford the other $445?). I threw in the platform sand boots because in this so-called ideal world, I'd wear them with everything in the fall. In real life, I just about never wear heels because they slow me down so much. And probably because I never really got used to wearing them and I probably still look like a little girl trying on her mother's heels.

Since I'm still living my real life (darn), these are the options I'm currently considering:

Topshop, $150

This coat, to me, is nearly perfect. 
The only imperfection is that it's only 60% wool ... 26% Polyester and 14% Nylon.

Topshop, $178

Your standard toggle coat. It looks kind of frumpy on the mannequin but I've seen it in person and it looks fine, and the quality is good. British goods just seem to be higher in quality, even when they're made in China. Hmm.

ASOS, $139.68

You can't really tell in this photo because the navy looks so dark, but this coat is kind of mod. It's got these cool triangular leather details and an A-lineish cut. This one, more than the others, screams ENGLAND to me.

ASOS, $148.41

This one is a little more distinctive and sort of resembles a raincoat to me. Unfortunately, its main component is acrylic rather than wool.

Delia*s, $99.50

This classic toggle coat is currently on sale for $79.50, which makes it a very attractive deal. Then again, it's Delia*s, which I used to adore as a teenager but it's not exactly the purveyor of long-lasting outerwear. 

By the way, why do we have so many names for the toggle coat? It's also known as the duffle or duffel coat ("duffle" is a "coarse, thick, woolen material"). My guess is it would be more accurate to call the style a toggle coat and the material a duffle/duffel coat. Ya learn something new every day.

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