Men my mother thinks are better looking than Jordan Knight

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I showed my mother this photo:

source: Jordan Knight, obviously

And she said he was "okay" looking. "He's not tall enough," she said. I didn't realize height figured into good looking-ness, and I also didn't realize 5'11" wasn't "tall enough." So I prodded her for a list of men she thinks are better looking than Mr. Knight. She wouldn't give me any names, but told me I had more or less brainwashed myself into thinking he's as good looking as he is. I admitted that he probably isn't the best looking guy ever, but I struggled to think of anyone who was better looking.

Finally, I threw a name out: "Robert Redford. When he was younger."

Slowly, my mom (who is 64 years old, by the way) came up with these names:

- Brad Pitt, when he was younger
- Tom Cruise (I forgot him earlier, but yes, he came up ... who's not tall enough now, huh!?)
- George Clooney
- Nick Carter (really? She's gonna go there!?)
- Ben Affleck ("There's nothing really distinctive about him!" I said to my mom. 
Response: "There's nothing distinctive about Jordan!"
"Dimples!" I wanted to squeal, but instead I said, "Fine, fair enough.")

I never "got" Brad Pitt. And I love/d blonds. If you "get" it, explain it to me, will you? It's probably a good thing my mother and I don't see completely eye to eye on this subject.

(By the way, I just did some basic internet research, and Brad Pitt and George Clooney are both 5'11", so that argument is out the window. Honestly, the conversation should've been dropped when Tom Cruise was brought up.)

But I did just think of someone my mother would absolutely, positively say is better looking than Jordan: JFK Jr. She loves him, probably more than she loves Enrique Iglesias. Oops, did I say that? ;)

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