People I admire: Donnie Wahlberg

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I'm about to get cheesy on you, so be prepared ...

This photo I took of Donnie at the NKOTBSB concert perfectly sums up how I feel about him.

Anyone who's read my blog for almost any amount of time will know that Jordan Knight is my favorite New Kid, but rarely do I discuss who my second favorite is. That place belongs to Donnie Wahlberg, which came as a surprise even to myself. I'd long assumed, for my familiarity with him and his music and for his boyish good looks, that Joe(y) McIntyre would claim that spot. But there's just something I love about Donnie's personality -- he seems to have a joie de vivre and gratitude for life that I wish I had. (Though it's gotta help to know that you're financially set for life and have the luxury of doing what you love!) I greatly admire anyone who can hold onto hope despite having been through very tough circumstances, and the older I get, the more I've come to realize that much of life is dictated by your attitude and the way you see things.

I hope when I'm 42, I'll still get this excited about "inventing" a silly term:

And this:

If anyone is curious about who my second favorite Backstreet Boy is, I ... actually can't answer this question. I thought about this recently and I couldn't believe that after nearly 15 years of being a BSB fan, I have never established a second favorite. Some days it's Brian, who's funny and probably the most down to earth. On other days, it's A.J. and I have no idea why. Underneath all that wildness, it seems like he's got a good heart and just wants to give love.

I always think it's interesting which celebrities people tend to favor, or which band members people prefer over others. I think these things say a lot about a person. I'm still standing by the notion that I would've been a Joe girl if I had liked the New Kids when I was 5, though.

P.S. To some, Donnie Wahlberg, NKOTB, Taylor Swift, etc. (Justin Bieber? He's okay by me) would be guilty pleasures, but I decided a couple years ago (when I was trying actively to have a positive attitude about life) that it was a waste of time and energy to hide the fact that I like what I like, or that I prefer greasy diner food over French food most of the time. I am judged harshly by many, especially in New York City, for liking chain restaurants or bubblegum pop music, but I feel much, much freer. I feel guilty about none of my pleasures -- life is too short!

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